We are always on the lookout for quality jewelry manufacturers around the world who can provide exceptional pieces to complement our unique handcrafted jewelry.  We developed a relationship with such a manufacturer in Germany on one of our trips to the Inhorgenta jewelry trade show.  Jorg Heinz is an award-winning designer renowned for jewelry that transforms with a simple touch, thanks to ingenious hidden mechanisms that never detract from the stunning designs.

On October 22, Stittgen clients were invited to a special evening showcasing the Jorg Heinz collection.  Guests were treated to an array of delectable hors d’oeuvres and deserts, and as they sipped on wine and prosecco, the Jorg Heinz representative on hand demonstrated the versatility of each piece as it was tried on.

While Stittgen Fine Jewelry has carried selected pieces from Jorg Heinz for a few years now, we wanted to offer our clients the exclusive opportunity to view the entire collection.  Guests observed up close the state-of-the-art hidden mechanisms that allow one stunning piece of jewelry to transform into another.  They were amazed at the outward beauty and simplicity that conceals an ingenious internal feat of precision engineering.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring this rare opportunity for our clients to fully experience the magic of Jorg Heinz” stated Stittgen’s Selina Ladak to the press at hand.  By all accounts, guests truly enjoyed the evening’s food and drink, and were highly engaged by the beauty of these exceptional pieces not available anywhere else in Vancouver.

Jorg Heinz guests   Jorg Heinz event