• Kimono earrings handcrafted in 18K yellow and 19K white gold, with pink tourmalines, morganite briolettes and pave diamonds.

  • Three row pave diamond hoops.

  • Design sketch of blue topaz and diamond interchangeable earrings.

  • Blue topaz and diamond interchangeable earrings. Wear as topaz studs with or without the diamond jacket and add the topaz drops for extra drama.

  • Blue topaz studs with removable diamond jacket.

  • White gold hoops with removable pink sapphire hearts.

  • 19k white gold and diamond filigree earrings with pearl drops and matching filigree band.

  • 19k white gold hoops with pave set diamonds.

  • Green tourmaline slice earrings with diamond accents set in 18k yellow gold.

  • Golden South Sea pearl drops with diamond accent stones set in 19k white gold.

  • Rough cut diamonds set in 18k yellow gold .

  • Yellow zircon and diamond earrings.

  • Diamond hoops with removable bezel set diamond drops.

  • 19k white gold hoops with gypsy set diamonds.

  • Bezel set pink tourmalines.

  • White gold filigree earrings with diamond accents.

  • Interchangeable diamond earrings set in 18k yellow gold. Wear as diamond studs with or without the yellow gold jacket and add the pearl drops for extra sophistication.

  • Diamond studs and removable diamond jackets.

  • Rose gold and diamond hoops.

  • White gold diamond hoops with removable amethyst drops.

  • Oval diamond hoops with pave settings on the inside and the outside of the hoop.

  • Yellow gold diamond hoops with removable gold drops.

  • Black pearl drops with a cluster of citrine briolettes on yellow gold.

  • Carved citrine, diamond and pearl earrings.

  • White gold and diamond shepard hooks with removable pearls.

  • Carved moonstone roses with pink pearl drops.

  • As beautiful and fresh as a bright spring day, Stittgen Fine Jewelry’s Tulip Bud Earrings will fill your heart with joy. These elegant earrings are crafted with unique hand carved stones of praseolite and smoky quartz, punctuated with 18k yellow gold diamond rondelles.

  • Ebony and 18k yellow gold earrings with pendant.

  • Silver hoop earrings and matching cuff.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

John Keats

One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.

Oscar Wilde

The details are not the details. They make the design.

Charles Eames

Everything you can imagine is real.

Pablo Picasso

Sometimes you have to let jewelry do the talking.


Stittgen Fine Jewelry… where creativity meets reality.

Selina Ladak

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

Coco Chanel

The call of the unborn shapes leads us to the form we seek.

Karl Stittgen

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

I have too much jewelry – said no-one, ever.


Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.

Jennie Kwon